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Elizabeth McCafferty is an actor and journalist. She has a particular interest in telling stories about the weird and wonderful or delving into worlds deemed too unconventional by mainstream society. Vice even voted one of her stories as one of the wildest they'd posted in 2023. Last year she was invited onto BBC radio to be interviewed about her time living in a nunnery for the Guardian. Elizabeth has worked as a performer in productions with Netflix, BBC, Amazon Prime and more. As a freelance journalist, she also produces documentaries and social media videos for Vice and Dazed alongside writing regularly for the Guardian, Vice, Dazed, the Independent, Refinery29, Glamour and more. She is a mentor at Oxford University for their women in business scheme and has lectured at places like New York University’s school of journalism. She also works as a freelance researcher for production companies, helping to develop creative projects, research specific niches, interview people, cast and build treatments for pitches.   


If you have a story or would like to get in contact I'd love to hear from you 


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