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I work as a freelance researcher for production companies. I will be hired to do in depth research for documentary treatments; I have in depth investigated anything from toe wrestling, psychedelics, aphrodisiacs  and sustainable energy. I have also been hired to write scripts for social media content for Vice and Dazed and an independent wine business. 
Producer/content creator: 
Vice 12 minute social media documentary: Psychics are aiding the police, are they a help or a hinderance? 
In development with Vice: ‘our girlfriend is a sex doll’. 
Video content creator/script writer: 
Vice: I tried using ear seeds to cure my anxiety- TikTok video 2023
Vice: The man who died from eating too many carrots- TikTok video 2023
Vice: What is decora fashion? TikTok video 2023
Vice: Why are people sunning their arsehole on TikTok? Tiktok video 2022
Vice: The secrets of airline staff 2023
Vice: This is what happens to your body when you donate it to science 2023 
Vice: What do local pub-goers think of gentrification? 2023
Dazed: Why are women putting period blood on their faces? TikTok explainer 2022
Dazed:Introducing the niche world of merkins. TikTok explainer 2023
Dazed in development: This is what happened when I met Gwenyth Paltrow’s shaman 
Dazed in development: This is what happened when I tried foot detox pads.
Dazed in development: This is what happened when I tried egg cleansing 

All content made/written/directed/edited by me. 

Made in K-ink Peckham for tattooist @joseph_draws_on_you

What is decora fashion and how is it helping people heal their inner child? Coming soon on Vice  


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I spoke to Karen Kay, a fairy and mermaid whisperer about what her career means to her.

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