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The limitations of lockdown left me isolated and away from many of my friends. Whilst I was able to stay connected via text and calls, I felt nothing would be quite as good as our usual face to face interaction. Having failed my driving test 4 times, unable to ride a bike or use public transport, my options were limited. As restrictions began to lift and garden meet ups were now allowed, I figured my only option was to walk. Having never even run 5k, this was going to be hard going. Was it all worth it?

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It’s 1998 and Jackie is tired of the same old tragic love stories. 

Jackie and Ryan are the picture perfect couple, living in a decadent cocaine fuelled 90’s paradise. But after discovering the true extent of his infidelity, their relationship is about to come to an all-consuming end. Excuse after excuse, Jackie has heard them all, so she embarks on an all too familiar journey of revenge and turns his world inside out with a birthday party he’ll never wish he turned up to. Submerging Ryan into a cannibalistic coven, Jackie makes it clear that hell hath no fury like a sisterhood scorned.

‘Love You To Death’ takes the audience through a surreal experiential drama, delving into the realms of obsession, revenge and cannibalism.

The story is driven by heartbreak and pushes the limits of morality. As Jackie enacts revenge on the people who have dared to make her feel this pain, this film looks at how far you have to go to really teach someone a lesson.


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