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Updated: Mar 12, 2022

Stepping just outside the chaos of Shoreditch and onto a slightly more chilled Kingsland Road, lies an unassuming Tardis of neon, coffee fuelled flamboyance: The Bridge.

The Bridge is a vibrant and eclectic Cypriot-owned coffee shop, the owner brews all his coffee on site.

It is open till 3am, serving coffees by day and expresso martinis by night; hosting various gigs and events most evenings. Admittedly on the pricey side of cafes, but the atmosphere, experience, staff and quality make the price slightly more bearable. It’s truly a hidden gem if you are looking for a café on the kookier side.

A collectors paradise, faultless coffee and a perfect date spot – what’s not to love?


15 Kingsland Rd London E2 8AE

Be sure to check opening times, as they do vary.


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