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By Elizabeth McCafferty

David Huggins shares in depth the details of his alien encounters, spanning 60 years. What do they want from him? Alien babies it seems. David has single handed painted over 195 canvases’ illustrating his personal story. Working part time in a deli in New Jersey, 78 year old David is seemingly humble, polite, and good natured. Hearing his story is both shocking and at times disturbing but it’s hard to not strongly feel his sincerity whilst telling his story. This is David’s truth and for that I’m extremely thankful he felt comfortable enough to share.

Can you take me back to your first experiences and what happened?

When I was about 8 years old, I went to the barn at the back of our house to get a ball. I heard somebody say ‘David, behind you’ and turned to see a little hairy guy with bright luminous eyes coming out of the woods straight towards me. I’d never seen anything like it, I thought he was some type of boogey man; he ran back into the woods when I started scrambling backwards.

My mother told me that it would have been a deer or something like that and brushed it off as nothing out of the ordinary. That was my first encounter with extra-terrestrials as far as I know. I was too young to understand what extra-terrestrials were though, so I didn’t really connect the dots at the time.

Do you think they were looking specifically for you?

I think they were looking for me. I have no idea why. I think there are 10s of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people around the world are having the same questions as I do about why they were ‘chosen’.

Can you explain more about your following encounters with aliens?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my first ‘alien abduction’ was, they make you forget things. Once when I was travelling to a friends’ house, I saw an otherworldly head come up over the bushes, looking at me. I remember saying to myself, “why is it so bright?” And then I just fell to the ground with all these extra-terrestrials standing around me.

Throughout my childhood I would see little greys floating down from the sky. Once they hit the ground, they would run towards me, and I’d run to the house. Our house was on pillars and when I’d look underneath, I’d see maybe six to eight pairs of legs on the far side.

I stopped telling my mother about the encounters because she’d say quit messing around or would give me a whipping.

I remember telling one of the extra-terrestrial beings:

“My Mumma and Daddy don’t believe that I see you. I got a whipping”.

I could tell they didn’t like hearing what I said.

She replied: “then don’t tell them”.

So, the next time I saw them, I found the strength to not tell my parents.

Were you scared? Or was it more curiosity?

In a way- both. I was scared. But at the same time, I think I was curious.

I’ve heard stories about aliens taking your virginity at 17?

Yes around 17/18. I remember going out into the woods and seeing a woman sitting under the tree. She was wearing a blue gown, had black hair and large black eyes. Her chin kinda came to a point. She gets up and walks over, I didn't remember a thing apart from reaching my climax after she sat on top of me.

I soon began to learn this ‘woman’ was called Crescent and this was the beginning of our relationship.

Tell me more about crescent…

I left home at 18 to move to New York to study art. One day I was doing my paintings and the extra-terrestrial beings turned up in my apartment. I didn’t know what was going on, but I heard them say “we’ll be back tonight, remember this”.

Later in the day I passed a florist and something inside me made me decide to buy some flowers for Crescent. I bought pink cyclamens. That evening, I was lying in my bed, and she turns up, she went straight to the flowers and I told them they were for her. The painting of Crescent with my flowers is one of my favourites I’ve done.

My entire wall opened up and that was the portal they used to come into my apartment.

One time I turned on the radio, I figured we'll dance. She put her hand up to stop it as she didn’t like it. I started humming instead to keep the tune for the dance which didn’t bother her. There was a curious thing when we danced though, she seemed to slide across and never lifted her feet at all.

Does painting your encounters help to keep the memories alive or do you use it as a therapy to get the experiences out of your head?

One of the beings said, “let David do paintings.” I had been painting about 2-3 years already, but I started painting my experiences from that point.

It does help for me to paint things to try and make sense of my experiences.

You have described quite a few different forms: the hairy man, the greys, Crescent. How much do the extra-terrestrials you have seen compare to fictional film versions?

They don't compare at all. There is one being that looks like a praying mantis too.

Would you say you’re friends with the extra-terrestrials?

I have become friends with them. I even remember being taken for a ride on one of their vehicles. We were looking out the window at earth in the distance. I remember remarking at how pretty it was. One of them replies “yes, something so pretty- should be taken care of.” I just shook my head and said yes it should.

How do you communicate with an alien?

It’s more like mental telepathy than speaking. I communicate verbally but they reply telepathically. They can use it when they’re not in front of me also.

How often does crescent come to see you, does she still visit now?

She’s been a reoccurring figure in my life. The encounters have slowed down a lot, but Crescent was coming to see me very often, especially since she told me about the babies.


Crescent was there. And she says, the baby is here.

I said ‘baby? What baby?’

‘Your baby’.

‘Show me my baby’, I said but she wouldn’t let me at first.

I yelled ‘show me my baby’.

She held it out in front of her and I said no no, don’t hold a baby like that. You must cradle it in your arms.’ And I showed her how to do it.

Did you find it a violation of trust that you became a father without your consent?

It was a nice moment, it’s one of my favourite memories. The insect-praying mantis being was there, he took me into another room that was filled with babies. I remember saying whose babies are these? He pointed to me. I was quite taken aback.

Did you see any family resemblance?

No, I don't think so. I don’t quite remember but I know the children had hair.

It’s hard to know if the female extra-terrestrial with hair are wearing wigs or not.

Would you say your experiences have been mainly good, or have you felt traumatised in any way from it?

In the very beginning I was scared, but as the years went by, I got very comfortable with them being around, my last encounter was about 3 months ago.

How do people react when you do tell them?

I’ve had several encounter groups which I’ve spoken to, people were very enthusiastic to hear my story. There are several other people I’ve met now who have had experiences like mine, so it was great to be able to chat.

After 60 years of being abducted by the aliens, If you were invited to join Crescent and live with them instead of on Earth… Would you do it?

I think I would yes. They seem very benevolent, very caring, and just nice.

What do you say to people who don’t believe your stories?

You know, I can’t worry about that. I know what little I know, and that’s it. I wish I knew more.

A special thank you for Brad Abrahams for the photos.

To learn more about David- tune into Brad's website to watch his documentary on David and buy prints.

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Stephen Saunders
Stephen Saunders
08. apr. 2022

I think David's experiences are extraordinary and endearing, and I envy them.

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